07/05/2017 Garando Records

Zettaimu's 6th album

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Inside Painting and Disc
Booklet Covers
Inside of Booklet
Inside of Booklet

​Produced, arranged and engineered by Hisashi Furue

Mixed and mastered by Hisashi Furue at Atelier508 in Tokyo

Except trk.1&7 mixed by Ryo Azuma

​Recorded in Tokyo, JAPAN. 2011-2017



Hisashi Furue - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, pianos,

electric bass, keyboards, synthesizer, percussion, etc.,

Michinobu Matsuhashi - drums, background vocals

Mariko - vocals and background vocals

Hiroaki Horiuchi - electric bass, background vocals



Wendy Van Dusen & Chris Nagel - trk.1 lyrics

John Wolfgang Roberts - trk.2 lyrics

Hidefumi Nakamura - trk.2&6 music

Alice Shimomura - trk.3 vocals

Kanako - trk.5 vocals

Rui-16-Sai - trk6 lyrics

Pete Ham & Tom Evans (Badfinger) - trk.7 lyrics & music

(C)2017 Garando Records. Tokyo, JAPAN

​(P)2017 The Copyright in This Sound Recording is Owned by Garando RecordsTokyo, JAPAN